Thursday, November 6, 2014

Meet & Greet in Banning on Nov. 10th

You need to eat.  This is a known fact.  Nonprofits need money.  This is also a known fact.  Join us for dinner on Monday, November 10th at the Sizzler on Ramsey in Banning, and you can take care of both of those needs at once!  

All you have to do is print the flyer and present it when you order and a portion of your total bill gets donated to Touchstone Local Council!  So bring your friends and family and we'll see you there!

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Covenant of the Goddess establishes an educational Abuse Advisory Committee

ATLANTA, Georgia - On Aug. 23, the Covenant of the Goddess (CoG), a 39-year-old national organization representing Witches and Wiccans, established an Abuse Advisory Committee to "advise, educate, and support the Covenant on issues of physical and sexual violence." The new committee will consist of members who have professional expertise and training in this field.

Proposed by Lady Aradia and Lady Emrys, two Pennsylvania-based members with field experience, the Abuse Advisory Committee was presented to the membership at the organization's national meeting held in Atlanta, Aug. 22 and 23. Lady Aradia, a psychotherapist and licensed social worker, stood before CoG delegates from across the country and spoke about the pressing need for such a committee. She said:

Sexual offenses and family violence happen in every community including the Wiccan and larger Pagan community. Although we pride ourselves in not being a religion with a large institution, this places us at a disadvantage when issues of abuse arise. We believe it is our responsibility to offer support, education and guidance to people in our community that are facing these issues no matter if they are a victim of abuse, those who offended, or the family or coveners who are confused about how to handle a particular situation.

The primary duties of the committee "include the provision of education to COG members on issues of abuse, consultation to the National Board when needed, and consultation to COG coven and solitary members when their community is impacted by physical or sexual violence."

Lady Emrys, who co-developed the idea for this new committee, is also a licensed clinical social worker. She hopes that her own professional experience and that of others can be used to assist CoG members and the greater Pagan community in this area. She says:

I hope [the committee] will educate and empower our community: for leaders to feel confident in their ability to ethically respond when abuse happens, for communities to learn strategies of prevention, and for victims (and perpetrators) to feel safe enough to seek support through their spiritual communities.

After some discussion on specifics, CoG delegates overwhelmingly approved, through consensus, the establishment of the Abuse Advisory Committee. Over the next few months, the two women will be bringing together committee members and establishing official processes. Aradia says:

We hope to be a resource for anyone affected by sexual abuse and or family violence in the Wiccan and larger Pagan community. We are not offering legal service, or to make a judgment on someone or a particular event. We hope to provide education to the larger community through classes and media.  We also seek to offer guidance to individuals and communities so they can make the most informed decision possible for themselves and their community when faced with difficult situations.  We know we may not have all the answers but it's a beginning, a way to keep talking about the issue from an educated and knowledgeable perspective.

For more information about the Abuse Advisory Committee or Covenant of the Goddess, contact Heather Greene,

Thursday, July 3, 2014

10th Annual Psychic Fair

Finally!  It is once again time for our Psychic Fair!  I can't believe its been ten years... time sure does fly fast. We're back in Running Springs this year, but we have a new location:  the Hootman Community Center located at 2929 Running Springs School Rd.

As usual you can come enjoy the cooler temperatures... yes, I know 85 degrees is still hot, but its cooler than 103.  Notice please that I didn't say cool temperatures, I said coolER... its all relative.  So keep that in mind and stay hydrated.

We'll see you there!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Come Join Us for Dinner

Come join us for dinner on Monday, February 17th at the Souplantation!  Make sure you bring the flyer below, and in addition to a great meal and great company, you'll be helping a great cause: Touchstone Local Council!

You can show up anytime between 5:00 - 8:00 pm, but most of the Touchstone folks will be there around 6:30.  So stop by and say hello!  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Winter Solstice Celebration

I know... I know... it's not even Halloween yet, and here we are plugging our community Yule event.  It's because we really want you to be able to come join us!
Not only do we have a beautiful new community ritual (written by the fine folks of Brighid's Forge), but we will have a sumptuous feast and an amazing raffle!  But that's not all!  We also have a kids area with activities to help keep the kids busy until you-know-who shows up!  That's right... Father Winter has promised to stop by for a visit! 
So while your heart is full at the thought of all that fun, let me help fill your hands up with stuff to bring.  Pagans of the Inland Empire (PIE) is holding a canned food drive and will be on hand to collect your donations.  We are also gathering items for Operation Circle Care again this year, so please consider bringing something for our deployed pagan military members.  As always, we welcome you're raffle donations and your contributions to the potluck... the stuff you brought last year was delicious!
Please say you'll join us!  Put it in your calendar now, before you forget!  Don't worry... I'll send a few reminders... promise!