Finding A Professional Wedding Photographer

If you know you’re going to get married within the next 2 years, you might probably start looking around for professional Singapore wedding photographers and have a general idea of the industry rather than searching for them last minute a few months before your wedding only and end up hiring a sub-par photographer. Additionally, because most professional wedding photographers are busy, you might want to book them up front by booking them early. Most other customers (couples) would book the wedding photographer up to 1 year ahead of their actual wedding day – hence you might want to keep this in mind when searching and hiring your wedding photographer.

For actual day photography, it is very straightforward. However, you need to figure out what type of pre-wedding photography shoot you want. This is because there are companies and bridal studios which only specialize in outdoor shoots while others might only specialize in indoor studio shots. Make sure you discuss this with your spouse thoroughly which one you and your spouse make a decision. If you have the necessary budget, you might even opt for both indoors and outdoors photography.

Always check out the photography studio’s portfolio or just the wedding photographer’s images. This is very important rather than only relying on reviews. This is because everyone’s idea of a good photograph is vastly different and you would not be able to know for sure whether you would like the images taken by the photographer your family or friend recommended. Hence, always look at the portfolio alongside your spouse (yes, even your spouse might have different tastes from you).

Always ask what would happen in the unexpected situations / circumstances whereby the wedding photographer were to accidentally fall ill on the day of the shoot (especially for actual day photo shoot). Make sure that you work with a photography company instead of a sole proprietor if you do not want to be faced with unexpected disasters.