What Makes A Wedding Gown Beautiful?

Hey listen up Singapore brides if you want to look good in your wedding photographs as well as (and especially on) your actual wedding day.

  • First of all, find a gown that suits your figure and complements it. Don’t find a dress just because it looks good on the mannequin unless you have the exact same figure. Even then, if your facial structure doesn’t suit the style of the wedding gown, you will not look stellar. It’s important to remember this point because many brides in Singapore get overly excited about wedding dresses released in Europe and just hit the runway, without realizing that most Asian figures are vastly different from that of European girls’ figures. You will look better with a gown that suits you but perhaps on first glance didn’t look that nice on the mannequin than with a gown that doesn’t suit you but looks great off the shelf.
  • Second of all, don’t choose a dress which is too edgy. This is especially the case if you’re in Singapore. This is unless you don’t mind feeling that you look odd 5 years from now. Most edgy fashion go out of fashion every few years, and if you choose to take a yellow or pokka dot wedding gown just because it’s edgy and cool at that time, you may very soon regret it. Choose a white wedding gown + perhaps one of a edgier design. Don’t have all your wedding gowns looking too edgy.
  • Third of all, always try on a wedding gown first before committing if they allow you to have free trying. This is very important. Don’t waste away this free chance.

The above are all simple but very effective tips to help you find the right wedding gown. If you want great discounts and amazing packages for your bridal dress in Singapore, check out http://www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/gowns