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What Makes A Wedding Gown Beautiful?

Hey listen up Singapore brides if you want to look good in your wedding photographs as well as (and especially on) your actual wedding day.

  • First of all, find a gown that suits your figure and complements it. Don’t find a dress just because it looks good on the mannequin unless you have the exact same figure. Even then, if your facial structure doesn’t suit the style of the wedding gown, you will not look stellar. It’s important to remember this point because many brides in Singapore get overly excited about wedding dresses released in Europe and just hit the runway, without realizing that most Asian figures are vastly different from that of European girls’ figures. You will look better with a gown that suits you but perhaps on first glance didn’t look that nice on the mannequin than with a gown that doesn’t suit you but looks great off the shelf.
  • Second of all, don’t choose a dress which is too edgy. This is especially the case if you’re in Singapore. This is unless you don’t mind feeling that you look odd 5 years from now. Most edgy fashion go out of fashion every few years, and if you choose to take a yellow or pokka dot wedding gown just because it’s edgy and cool at that time, you may very soon regret it. Choose a white wedding gown + perhaps one of a edgier design. Don’t have all your wedding gowns looking too edgy.
  • Third of all, always try on a wedding gown first before committing if they allow you to have free trying. This is very important. Don’t waste away this free chance.

The above are all simple but very effective tips to help you find the right wedding gown. If you want great discounts and amazing packages for your bridal dress in Singapore, check out

Managing relationships is the core of good wedding photographer

A good wedding photographer in Singapore must not only possess good wedding photography skills and photo editing skills to beautify the pictures, but he also must be able to manage relationships well. His social skills need to be polished. A good illustration and example of a real life wedding photographer who’s great at customer service would be Alvin from famed Singapore wedding photography studio –

The photography line is a service line. Photographers in Singapore are all selling their services. It is naturally demanded that the vendors should provide a good service to their clients. Not only must the wedding photographers be polite to their clients at all times, the wedding photographer must build a healthy relationship between the clients and themselves. If you have a good working relationship, jobs get done easier as people are more willing to cooperate and listen to each other. It is especially important in Singapore’s wedding photography service industry where the wedding photographer will need to work closely with the clients, giving frequent instructions and guidance to the clients to strike beautiful pose for their wedding photo shoot.

Furthermore, the wedding photographer should be able to promote the healthy relationship between the clients (husband and wife) during the wedding photography session as well. It is part of the wedding photographer’s role to ensure that the whole atmosphere during the wedding photo shoot stays positive throughout the photo shoot. Sometimes, clients may quarrel with each other over any reasons and if there are no one there to try to cool things down and revert things back to normal, things may be out of hand. The worst situation that can happen during a wedding photo shoot is quarrels between couples which will lead them to be angry with each other. With this atmosphere, no wedding photo shoot can continue properly and well. The purpose of a wedding photo shoot is to capture the loving spirit and feeling between the couples. There is no point of a wedding photo shoot if the couples cannot display this loving affection for each other.

Hence, as you can see, especially in Singapore where business competition can be very fierce, a good wedding photographer in Singapore needs to be both technically skills and socially skilled to ensure the smooth process of the wedding photo shoot.

Why A Wedding Video Is Also A Must

If you have not yet done so already, I strongly urge you to also quickly hire a videographer for your wedding. I shall explain.

When it comes to wedding photographs, no matter how much I love them, I feel like having videos to narrate and combine the entire photo sequence together makes my wedding memories just that much more complete. (And boy, I’m glad to have engaged a wedding videographer.) Most couples in Singapore take only wedding pictures and engage a photographer. However, because a photograph can only capture smiles and moments in time, it is quite limited. If you also take a wedding video, then it would be much more preferable because you can now capture the sounds and chatter that actually happened during the actual day. Additionally, if you have a very traditional Chinese wedding in Singapore, you would find that if you’re the bride, you might not be able to hear the chatter among your spouse and his best men while they’re driving and going to your home. On the other hand, if you’re the groom, you would not be able to experience the atmosphere at your spouse’s house in the morning while you’re on your way to her house. Even with photographs, the feelings that is brought across is limited. However, if you were to supplement your wedding photographs with a wedding video, then you would be able to experience it yourself as though you were there!

Additionally, because a wedding photographer can only capture a particular moment in time, he or she may miss out moments simply due to human reaction time. However, when you engage a wedding videographer on top of your photographer, you would be able to capture all of these moments. Do I mean that you should now only engage a videographer and ignore the hiring of a wedding photographer? No! I mean have both of them. This is simply due to the fact that you also want photographs which you can frame up or save in your media devices to view to your hearts’ contents too in future 🙂 🙂

Finding A Professional Wedding Photographer

If you know you’re going to get married within the next 2 years, you might probably start looking around for professional Singapore wedding photographers and have a general idea of the industry rather than searching for them last minute a few months before your wedding only and end up hiring a sub-par photographer. Additionally, because most professional wedding photographers are busy, you might want to book them up front by booking them early. Most other customers (couples) would book the wedding photographer up to 1 year ahead of their actual wedding day – hence you might want to keep this in mind when searching and hiring your wedding photographer.

For actual day photography, it is very straightforward. However, you need to figure out what type of pre-wedding photography shoot you want. This is because there are companies and bridal studios which only specialize in outdoor shoots while others might only specialize in indoor studio shots. Make sure you discuss this with your spouse thoroughly which one you and your spouse make a decision. If you have the necessary budget, you might even opt for both indoors and outdoors photography.

Always check out the photography studio’s portfolio or just the wedding photographer’s images. This is very important rather than only relying on reviews. This is because everyone’s idea of a good photograph is vastly different and you would not be able to know for sure whether you would like the images taken by the photographer your family or friend recommended. Hence, always look at the portfolio alongside your spouse (yes, even your spouse might have different tastes from you).

Always ask what would happen in the unexpected situations / circumstances whereby the wedding photographer were to accidentally fall ill on the day of the shoot (especially for actual day photo shoot). Make sure that you work with a photography company instead of a sole proprietor if you do not want to be faced with unexpected disasters.

Things to look out for when taking wedding photographs

There are many beautiful wedding photographs you can easily find on the internet. For example, below are 3 wedding photographs that I have found on the internet.


Wedding photography 2

wedding photography 3

There are many other wedding photographs available on the internet. While browsing through them, you may think that it may be easy taking these wedding photographs for all the pictures look so awesome and amazing. I have not came across any wedding photographs which are ugly. Is it really so easy to take those wedding photographs as all of them look so good? Well, the answer is simply not. It is logical that ugly photographs will not be shared on the internet at all. This same logic applies to photos appearing on social media. People only wants to share awesome photographs and not ugly ones to promote their self-worth and value.

If you are interested to know how to take a good wedding photograph, you will need to take these things into consideration:
1. Focus. The number 1 priority is to get your camera focus right. The photographer will have to focus on the wedding couple in every shots. The wedding couple are the main objects in every photographs, not the environment.

2. Lightning. There are 2 types of lightning to take note of – the natural environmental lightning and your man-made lightning. You will have to blend in the 2 types of lightnings to make your shots beautiful. The purpose of the lightning is to shine light on the wedding couple to aid in the camera focus on them.

3. Angle. There are different angles that you can take the wedding couple in. The wedding couple will look differently in every different angle. It is up to you to discover which angle will produce the most beautiful pictures.

4. Distance. Both the distance between the photographer to the objects and the distance between the objects have to be taken into consideration.

5. Shuttle speed. Shuttle speed determines the stability and focus of the pictures. It is an advanced stage of photography to learn to master configuring the best shuttle speed for every pictures.

The above 5 points are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what a professional wedding photographer needs to master. If you find them tedious and starts to acknowledge that perhaps it is not that easy to take good wedding photographs yourselves after all, it is still best to engage a wedding photographer or a wedding photography studio such as Grandeur Wedding Studio to help you take pictures for your wedding.

chinese wedding photographer in Singapore

Settling down on a wedding photography Singapore services provider

After you have identified some good wedding photography studios, it’s time to compare their wedding photography services and make a decision on which photography studio you will engage for your wedding!

It can be tough for newly-weds to make this decision as they will feel that most of the wedding photography studios’ portfolios are similar to one another. For the easy-going newly weds, it’s up to the wedding photography studios’ salesperson’s charisma and sales pitch to close the deal. And it shouldn’t be so. The newly-weds should make a good and informed decision themselves and should not be coaxed into making one. What they see on the surface is not enough. They will need to go deeper to find out more information from the salesperson and take some time alone to think about the whole proposition before engaging the wedding photography studio.

These are the steps I took to examine my options before I engage a wedding photography studio for their wedding photography Singapore services:

1. I asked to meet up with one of their salesperson and requested to look at some samples of their hardcopy wedding photography albums. With this, you can be sure that what you will be getting will be similar to the hardcopy wedding photography album that you see. Do not judge their skills based only on softcopies. The printing and quality of the wedding album is equally important.

2. Discuss with the salesperson the skills and qualifications of the wedding photographer who they will most probably allocate to you. Sometimes, the sample wedding albums look good, but it’s not the same photographer that took the pictures in that album who will be shooting for you. You have to make sure the photographer you will be getting is of substance too. Whenever possible, request for the wedding album produced by him.

3. Take some time to discuss with the photographer on his/her styles and if you two can communicate well. Sometimes, even if a person’s work is great, because of communication breakdown, the whole team suffers and the results will not be desirable. In order to prevent this, it is always best for everyone to come together to have a small chat to make sure everyone can clique well.

With these 3 points, I’m sure you will be able to find a good wedding photography studio in Singapore that will meet your needs!

Identifying A Good Wedding Photography Studio

Finding a good wedding photography studio like Grandeur Wedding or Wayne Studio in Singapore may not be easy if you do not know how to do so. This is usually the case for first time married couples and they would not know where to look. No worries! You only want to get married once, so it’s hard to get experience for this. So let me help you out because I was a certified wedding planner in Singapore (now a tai tai and retired).

One of the most important things you should note is to first thoroughly discuss with your spouse as to what both you and he / she thinks is a great wedding photograph. Some people love outdoor photo shoots while others prefer indoor shoots. Some like the natural lighting and scenery of the outdoors in Singapore such as Botanic Gardens, Helix Bridge or Fullerton Hotel (yes, as long as it is not shot within a bridal photography studio, it is considered an ‘outdoor’ shoot), while others prefer the indoor shoots with props and background. Everyone’s tastes is really different. Do not assume that your soon to be spouse has the exact same tastes as you do or you might get a shock in future. Discuss and clarify before taking this step.

Next, it is highly advisable that you either look for friends or family whose wedding photographs you really love and ask them for a referral. Don’t ask for a referral this way hoping for a discount. Ask for a referral this way so that you get a quality photographer. On the other hand, if you don’t have any friends or family members whose wedding images you particularly love, just opt to go online. It’s my personal recommended method anyway. This is because when you go online, you are able to see many wedding photography studios in Singapore and their corresponding portfolio on their website. This makes you save a lot of time and become much more productive. With the Internet, there is no more excuse that you need to waste months or years looking around for a good photography studio or ‘settle’ for a less than ideal wedding photographer in Singapore – because the Internet bridges so many gaps that were present in the past. Amazing isn’t it? It’s so simple to look for them now. Just type something like ‘wedding photography Singapore’ into the Google search or any other kind of good search engines and you would be able to find many studios all at once!

wedding dress

Bridal gowns in Singapore – a brief introduction

According to how I’m marketing this page, it is likely that most of you reading this blog would be women in Singapore in your early and mid 20s, looking to get married within the next 5 to 8 years!

Am I right? 😛

Ok, anyway, here is a quick introduction to the various things you need to note when choosing to rent or purchase a wedding gown in Singapore. If you are looking to purchase or rent a bridal gown in Singapore, this is a must-read post for you.

1) Headdress or veil

Yes, there are gown companies which actually sell the headdress or veils separately from the gown. You want to make sure that you check this point out with the bridal gown company before making any kind of decision. Some of them sell it together. So either way, just make sure you know how it is and then make the informed decision after knowing this.

2) Your body type

Some of the bridal gowns are built for women with a bustier chest while others are made for those who are more petite. Also, there are wedding dresses which are meant for taller women, while others are meant for shorter women. In short, both your height and the shape of your body will greatly determine which types of wedding dress will fit you the best. Do not simply go with a particular style because you like it – unless it also suits your height and body shape. Here’s a link to help you find your body shape and thus pick the right wedding gown.

3) Size

Other than you body shape, make sure that the size of the wedding dress fits you to the T. If it doesn’t, make sure to alter it until it does. Also, if you do not have bra that will look good in that dress, make sure you go and get one which fits. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or worse still look bad in your wedding gown on the actual day of your marriage. Make sure you look good and feel good by picking a dress which suits your size (whether that is plus size or petite or normal).

4) Trends

I do not recommend people to go with the trends. If you have noticed, there are periods of time where dresses of a particular (unique) style is really popular. Don’t pick these type of dresses as you will find that they look really bad many years from now when you look back on your marriage photos. This is because trends are only temporary. Make sure to pick a wedding dress which will be timeless. If you don’t know how to pick a ‘timeless’ wedding dress, then make sure to get someone who knows what this means to go along with you to the try-out session!