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chinese wedding photographer in Singapore

Settling down on a wedding photography Singapore services provider

After you have identified some good wedding photography studios, it’s time to compare their wedding photography services and make a decision on which photography studio you will engage for your wedding!

It can be tough for newly-weds to make this decision as they will feel that most of the wedding photography studios’ portfolios are similar to one another. For the easy-going newly weds, it’s up to the wedding photography studios’ salesperson’s charisma and sales pitch to close the deal. And it shouldn’t be so. The newly-weds should make a good and informed decision themselves and should not be coaxed into making one. What they see on the surface is not enough. They will need to go deeper to find out more information from the salesperson and take some time alone to think about the whole proposition before engaging the wedding photography studio.

These are the steps I took to examine my options before I engage a wedding photography studio for their wedding photography Singapore services:

1. I asked to meet up with one of their salesperson and requested to look at some samples of their hardcopy wedding photography albums. With this, you can be sure that what you will be getting will be similar to the hardcopy wedding photography album that you see. Do not judge their skills based only on softcopies. The printing and quality of the wedding album is equally important.

2. Discuss with the salesperson the skills and qualifications of the wedding photographer who they will most probably allocate to you. Sometimes, the sample wedding albums look good, but it’s not the same photographer that took the pictures in that album who will be shooting for you. You have to make sure the photographer you will be getting is of substance too. Whenever possible, request for the wedding album produced by him.

3. Take some time to discuss with the photographer on his/her styles and if you two can communicate well. Sometimes, even if a person’s work is great, because of communication breakdown, the whole team suffers and the results will not be desirable. In order to prevent this, it is always best for everyone to come together to have a small chat to make sure everyone can clique well.

With these 3 points, I’m sure you will be able to find a good wedding photography studio in Singapore that will meet your needs!