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Managing relationships is the core of good wedding photographer

A good wedding photographer in Singapore must not only possess good wedding photography skills and photo editing skills to beautify the pictures, but he also must be able to manage relationships well. His social skills need to be polished. A good illustration and example of a real life wedding photographer who’s great at customer service would be Alvin from famed Singapore wedding photography studio – GrandeurWeddingStudio.com/photography-singapore/

The photography line is a service line. Photographers in Singapore are all selling their services. It is naturally demanded that the vendors should provide a good service to their clients. Not only must the wedding photographers be polite to their clients at all times, the wedding photographer must build a healthy relationship between the clients and themselves. If you have a good working relationship, jobs get done easier as people are more willing to cooperate and listen to each other. It is especially important in Singapore’s wedding photography service industry where the wedding photographer will need to work closely with the clients, giving frequent instructions and guidance to the clients to strike beautiful pose for their wedding photo shoot.

Furthermore, the wedding photographer should be able to promote the healthy relationship between the clients (husband and wife) during the wedding photography session as well. It is part of the wedding photographer’s role to ensure that the whole atmosphere during the wedding photo shoot stays positive throughout the photo shoot. Sometimes, clients may quarrel with each other over any reasons and if there are no one there to try to cool things down and revert things back to normal, things may be out of hand. The worst situation that can happen during a wedding photo shoot is quarrels between couples which will lead them to be angry with each other. With this atmosphere, no wedding photo shoot can continue properly and well. The purpose of a wedding photo shoot is to capture the loving spirit and feeling between the couples. There is no point of a wedding photo shoot if the couples cannot display this loving affection for each other.

Hence, as you can see, especially in Singapore where business competition can be very fierce, a good wedding photographer in Singapore needs to be both technically skills and socially skilled to ensure the smooth process of the wedding photo shoot.

Identifying A Good Wedding Photography Studio

Finding a good wedding photography studio like Grandeur Wedding or Wayne Studio in Singapore may not be easy if you do not know how to do so. This is usually the case for first time married couples and they would not know where to look. No worries! You only want to get married once, so it’s hard to get experience for this. So let me help you out because I was a certified wedding planner in Singapore (now a tai tai and retired).

One of the most important things you should note is to first thoroughly discuss with your spouse as to what both you and he / she thinks is a great wedding photograph. Some people love outdoor photo shoots while others prefer indoor shoots. Some like the natural lighting and scenery of the outdoors in Singapore such as Botanic Gardens, Helix Bridge or Fullerton Hotel (yes, as long as it is not shot within a bridal photography studio, it is considered an ‘outdoor’ shoot), while others prefer the indoor shoots with props and background. Everyone’s tastes is really different. Do not assume that your soon to be spouse has the exact same tastes as you do or you might get a shock in future. Discuss and clarify before taking this step.

Next, it is highly advisable that you either look for friends or family whose wedding photographs you really love and ask them for a referral. Don’t ask for a referral this way hoping for a discount. Ask for a referral this way so that you get a quality photographer. On the other hand, if you don’t have any friends or family members whose wedding images you particularly love, just opt to go online. It’s my personal recommended method anyway. This is because when you go online, you are able to see many wedding photography studios in Singapore and their corresponding portfolio on their website. This makes you save a lot of time and become much more productive. With the Internet, there is no more excuse that you need to waste months or years looking around for a good photography studio or ‘settle’ for a less than ideal wedding photographer in Singapore – because the Internet bridges so many gaps that were present in the past. Amazing isn’t it? It’s so simple to look for them now. Just type something like ‘wedding photography Singapore’ into the Google search or any other kind of good search engines and you would be able to find many studios all at once!